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  “ Consider this: The power to do is all that we can set

  against the forces of life “

  The background leads us into a mystic esoteric world.

  The desire of man for explanation has led him to create

  various theories to explain the unexplainable.

  One can find happiness and satisfaction in the spiritual

  world, but in the middle lurks seduction, for the devil

  does not sleep



  “Once you learn to see, you discover that you are alone

  and surrounded by follyt”

  The rhombic form of the 213 eyes appear to the beholder

  as if they were the facets of a precious stone through

  which the value and the wonder ofbeeing are


  This picture shows the depth to which the eye can


  The power of the tiger almost leaps out of the picture.

  The fundamental element of life -water - is abundantly

  present. Harmony between man and beast is made visible


  The owl                 Wisdom

  The bear               Protection

  The cat                 Individuality

  The birds              Lightness

  The elephant        Sensitivity

  The buffalo           Work

  The eagle             The whole


  and the pride of the swan co-exist in harmony.



 "Only by loving this earth mth a steadfast passion, can

  you shake offsadness”

  For all the stupidity we engage in, this world and this life

  are still a magnificent gift. We should treat it carefully,

  with an eye to the future.

  The endeavour to express feelings creatively is depicted

  in the centre triangle. In the background we see the

  manifold attempts at giving form to our world.

  Just because so much is imperfect, we should not give up

  hope; it is only when we cease our striving to improve

  things that we come out losers.  




  “Through the hole between the worlds you must travel"

  to attain the wholeness of your self “

  The beholder works from the perspective of the spheres.

  The round hole renders an aspect of the emotional world.

  The yellow plain expresses the dangerous unpredictable

   journey to the self which the bald warrior seems to be


  One should accept several visions of the world during

  this search for the self.

  The three women suggest the different angles from which

  life can be viewed.

  The eagle symbolizes the whole.  


  "Energy only comes when we accept our fate without remorseff"


  This picture was created in 1988. According to the

  Chinese calendar 1988 was the year of the dragon. The

  colours are those of fire; fire brings destruction or

  pleasant warmth. One says of the dragon that he lives in

  a castle on a hill within his own dreamworld, is

  surrounded by the requisites of magic, for he loves its

  shine and power. He enjoys the company of the tiger, the

  symbol of power and nobility; neither does he like to live

  without the snake, the symbol of beauty and sex.




  "To be a human beeing means to be condemned to this

  world. Our vanity sometimes leads us to believe that

  there are two worlds but this is only our vanity, for us

  humans there is but one world and we must face it".


  This picture mirrors the dance around the golden calf.

  Whoever is lead by mammon is easily consumed by


  The upper half depicts the feeling of horror that awaits


  The lower half shows the warnings and seductions of the

  material world.




  "You have to walk the tight rope between the terror and

  the wonder of being human”

  This picture was created during the Kuwait crisis. In the

  centre of the painting we can see the prize for which the

  powerful are fighting. The left side represents the world

  of Islam. Despair, demagogy and destruction are shown

  there. The fleeing soldiers symbolise the feeling of the

  people. Fear, symbolized by a lizard, also has a natural

  place on this side of the picture.

  The right side of the picture shows the western world,

  which draws its power from energy and technology. The

  playing card signals the dangers inherent in technology.

  The blue angel stands for the idea that the end justifies

  the means.

  If mankind could awaken and surmount all its difficulties

  with clearsight and confidence, the consequences of

  madness could be avoided.




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PiWi = Imfo
PiWi Tarot
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